Evolution of Adam Fuelling’s Tech Interests

The world offers numerous options when it comes to picking activities and interests.

Throughout his life Adam Fuelling has explored different interests in his personal life. His interests have varied from childhood to early adulthood to middle adulthood, as it does with many people.

In his youth, he was shy, quiet and reserved. He kept to his close group of friends who had similar interests as him: science, electronics, technology and video games. He didn’t explore athletic endeavors like many other kids his age. He instead chose to let his curiosity take him into those worlds mentioned above.

At age 8 his family got their first computer, which Adam Fuelling took the lead in managing. By that time he has exposure to computers, but only through trips to the elementary school library or visits to his father’s office.

He was excited. Computers had interested him since the very beginning. It helped that he was an avid fan of the Star Trek genre at that point and dreamt of hidden, advanced voice-activated computer systems surrounding people and helping manage our lives and taking us around the galaxy.

The focus he had on working with technology lasted throughout grade school. He didn’t stop with computer hard and software, though. His father let him work summers for him producing marketing material for his real estate business. He started with the desktop publishing producing flyers, business cards and invoices.

Soon after, he began learning graphics design. Initially, through low-end programs like Microsoft Paint. Later, with Adobe Photoshop.

Adam Fuelling would become the go to person for altering photos, designing logos and templates, creating professional-looking marketing materials by the colleagues and business associates of his father.

It wasn’t long before he began working with websites. It was the dawn of the public internet and Adam saw the potential in what could be created.